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I bought the excuses for a while, but knowing that my own flakiness was really a symptom of something deeper, I decided to ask her if anything was wrong. One writer details what it's like inside and how to…. Subscribe Issue Archive.

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An unreliable person. Basically, it's easy to commit yourself to whatever sounds good in the moment if you have no idea what else you've committed yourself to for the rest of the weekmuch less the specific date this person is talking to you about in the first place. Psychologists speculate that for people who have had unhealthy relationships or flaky personality abuse survivorsthis can be especially intense; people worry that their actual wants won't be respectedso they feel the need to be avoidant to protect themselves.

During this same period of my life, one of my best friends became a bit of a flake herself. I would have to constantly soothe my anxiousoverstimulated nerves. The Unreliables.

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Andy from Hereford promised to spend the weekend with you, but would never commit to a date. Read Next.

She had lost some hope that there was fun out there in the world. You may even be that friend. Does one lead to the other? Betsy was being flaky when she canceled on a party she was set to go to for a week.

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I had enough time and energy to get to the party and back. He's been acting real flaky lately. TSIF While this explanation of flakiness is likely true for many people, my own experience of being a flake is a little different. As strange as it may sound to some, I have frequently been—and at times still am—a little scared of seeing my friends. Not because my friends are in any way people to be scared of; my friends are amazing.

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These books are a great start to help your kid with anxiety — no matter their, or…. If you're dealing with someone who is flakyit's OK to let them know how their behavior impacts you.

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Interestingly, though, if we all pooled our collection of flaky together and looked at them as a group, we'd be able tp pinpoint the one thing all flaky people have in common with relative ease. Dog shot 9. As strange as it may sound, I was frequently — and at times still am — a little scared of seeing my friends. Anol Kira Asatryan The Art of Closeness.

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Mutuals if more than one mutual. I would have to constantly soothe my anxious, overstimulated nerves. Rules for Healthy Friendships.

There's a reason some people are unreliable, and it's not that they don't care.

May 3 Word of the Day. A person who is very unreliable. Learn symptoms of clinical depression plus tips to cope with typical attitude changes. So, why not be honest with people from the beginning? She told me she would send me her pictures, but it's been 3 months and she hasn't sent me shit. And perhaps they honestly believe they can deliver. Many parents are unsure of what to do when their child has anxiety.

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Yeah, those flaky people are "yes" people as well, but perhaps coming more from a place of optimism than from an ability to follow through on their plans. A careless or lazy person.

Unreliablecharacterized by not following through on agreed plans. Get Listed Today. Internet persona s who happens to follow you and you happen to follow them back and maintain communication with and have a mutual liking for eachother whether it be friendship wise, etc. Jack Stern, a board-certified neurosurgeon, explains how the…. Most Popular. I had enough time and energy to get to the party and back.

In a conversation that began about the superficial act of flaking, I found out that she had been feeling really down. This impact will be felt emotionally…. Andy is flaky. Now what? Durk 6. It's not because my friends are people to be scared of; they're amazing.

Looking at watch photo flaky personality from Shutterstock. She was depressed. I know what you're thinking: But if they're "yes" people, why do they eventually blow me off anyway? While there are, of course, a of different reasons individual people might flake on plans — family emergencies and health issues, for example — the common trait between chronic flakers according to science is a pretty simple one: Flaky people are "yes" people.

And it was not that I was invited to many events each night and had to flake on a few of them. Instead, they may be too scared, too stressedor too sad.

Basically, "yes" people tend to feel pressured to say "yes" in the moment to avoid conflict or awkwardness; then they mean to figure out how to make that "yes" work later on, when they're not under quite as much stress. And sometimes the desire to be at ease won, and I flaked. Rush B Cyka Blyat Emotionally and physically. She was having a hard time getting motivated to do anything, including engage socially. By Marissa Higgins. A lot of people worry that by saying "no," they're opening themselves up for a debate or discussion in the moment, whereas by flaking later, there's less or no time for someone to try and change their minds.

While this understanding of flakiness is likely true for many people, my own experience is a little different: When I have flaked, it was not because I was overscheduled. Sometimes the desire to be at ease won, and I flaked. Flakiness is a behavioral pattern that could easily ify deeper emotional distress. Introverts, Extroverts, and Social Distancing.

Eee-o eleven As we all do, she made excuses for flaking that flaky personality it sound like she was simply in high demand.

For more relationship tips, visit www. Flaky people can also be perfectionistsin that if they say "yes" to something and it doesn't go according to plan, or they don't think they make it perfect, they flake at the last second to avoid making a mistake or letting someone down.

They commit to do things but rarely follow through.

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flaky personality Of course, there are also flaky people who say "yes " and are simply forgetful. Everyone has a flaky friend. He's a straight shooter with upper-management written all over him. Someone who cancels plans that were set for a while. I just knew that if I went, I would be keyed up all night. I was not invited to many events each night and inevitably had to flake on a few of them.

For the socially anxious, introverted, or highly-sensitive personthese two desires are rarely fulfilled in the same place at the same time: So, sometimes my desire to be with people won, and I went ahead with my plans. Change begins with brave conversations, but just talking about mental health isn't enough to reduce stigma. If ever there were a time to stop beating yourself up for being human, it is now. The Art of Closeness. Teenagers are supposed to be moody, right?

A procrastinator.